Do you aim to connect instantly with whoever you encounter?

With connection normally is meant the depth of empathy or positive feeling we have towards other human beings, animals, places or even objects. When do you feel connected to somebody or something? 

The more you have in common with somebody and the more attributes you see in the other you desire, the stronger is your feeling of connection. You see yourself or what you want to be/have in the other. 

When you tend to envy the opposite effect may come about. Especially when you have a heated argument with somebody, somebody disappoints you or your worldviews are different, you may feel division.

Can this be the foundation of true connection? Can true connection rely on the constructs of our self-centered thought structure? Isn’t true connection something tangible? Not just a feeling you create in your mind?

If you aren’t truly connected, your mind tricks you into the belief that you are. Connection is our deepest desire. Human beings want to feel complete. 

Only when you are free of all the dependencies and limitations, brought about by beliefs, ideologies and other mental constructs, you can truly connect.

But isn’t love the ultimate form of connection? When you fall in love with somebody, the other becomes your ultimate desire. 

Based on the inner drive to connect your mind is tricked into the belief that the other can make you complete. To truly connect and truly love you have to be complete by yourself.

Choose & execute!​

What objectives do you aim for?


Perform godlike no matter what you do…


Be in optimal physical and mental health…


Experience total freedom in every moment…


Have deep insights into every subject you care about…


Connect instantly with whoever you encounter…

No matter what you choose... All aspects are deeply connected.

If you master your body and mind, you will embody them all!