Do you aim to experience total freedom in every moment?

Mostly freedom is referred to as a capability to do something. To have freedom of speech. To decide freely how to spend one’s time. To have the freedom to work from anywhere. To have lots of money to buy the objects of one’s desire. All this is partial freedom. 

When do you experience actual freedom? Isn’t freedom rather a feeling than a capability? You have the feeling of freedom when you become free of a restriction. The moment when you can do something, you couldn’t do before, you feel free.

Shortly after that you get used to that “freedom”. It doesn’t feel like freedom anymore. It becomes everyday life. Could total freedom mean to be free of any limitations at all?

As long as you live, you probably will be restricted by your body and the laws of our universe. Till now, I have met nobody who can teleport, fly or live without external nutrients. Have you? 

Total freedom is a state of embodiment. The moment you are totally free from all the dependencies of your self-centered thought structure, you experience total freedom. 

You feel free of all that you have to do. You just do it naturally! You feel free of the burden of what reality should be, according to your thought structure. You just change what you are capable of as you like naturally.

Choose & execute!​

What objectives do you aim for?


Perform godlike no matter what you do…


Be in optimal physical and mental health…


Experience total freedom in every moment…


Have deep insights into every subject you care about…


Connect instantly with whoever you encounter…

No matter what you choose... All aspects are deeply connected.

If you master your body and mind, you will embody them all!