Do you aim to have deep insights in every subject you care about?

There are probably countless millions of books, online courses, seminars, lectures and videos out there which contain valuable information to better understand yourself and the world around you. 

Do any of them teach you insights? Is an insight teachable at all? Let’s start from the ground. What are insights in the first place?

Every moment trillions of data points are absorbed by your senses. Your organism interprets the data by the use of your current understanding of the world and your intelligence. Data is processed into information.

By understanding and memorising the information mentally, you accumulate theoretical knowledge. With the help of all this great resources out there, you can accumulate vast amounts of knowledge pretty fast. 

You can even ingrain the knowledge so deep into yourself, that you can teach and impress others. You can also live according to it. The thing is, the description is not the described. The word is never the fact. 

Through theoretical knowledge you will never experience actual freedom and true insights. It will always operate within the same limited self-centered structure. In this case, thought is merely the continuation of the past trying to adapt, grow and go beyond itself.

Insights in contrast are the connection of presence and experience. To embody presence means that every action you perform and every word you speak reflects a deep understanding of yourself and the world around you. No theory can teach you this. 

You have to see and act according to the actual fact instead of some theory. You have to make your own experiences and act intelligently to exploit your true potential.

Your inner intelligence creates knowledge and builds up on it. You may use thought to verbalize your knowledge, but the moment you think you know somebody or something discovering and learning stops. 

Why would your senses and your mind dig deeper, if you know it already? Only when you are free of all the dependencies and limitations, the beliefs you accumulated have brought about, your intelligence can perform properly.

Choose & execute!​

What objectives do you aim for?


Perform godlike no matter what you do…


Be in optimal physical and mental health…


Experience total freedom in every moment…


Have deep insights into every subject you care about…


Connect instantly with whoever you encounter…

No matter what you choose... All aspects are deeply connected.

If you master your body and mind, you will embody them all!